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Clark seeks students who are always growing, learning, compassionate, and curious — people who want to be the best version of themselves, because the best version of all of us is a constant work in progress.

What We Consider

We seek those who want to be involved and are community-oriented, and those who believe that in bettering themselves, they have the ability and responsibility to improve the lives, environment, systems, and tools around them. There is no one right way to move forward — so there is no one way to be a Clarkie.

We recommend that you interview so that we can get to know you beyond your written application. We also want to make sure that we answer all of your questions about Clark.

You can always email your regional counselor with any questions you have along the way.

Reviewing Applications

Every application gets read in full at least twice.

We now offer first-year applicants two ways to apply to Clark: the Common Application and the Coalition Application with Scoir. You may use whichever method you want (we really have no preference!), but please fill out only one application. Neither application has an associated fee.

Your transcript is the story we are reading — your GPA is less important. We hope that you have challenged yourself whenever possible, and shown consistent growth over time. We know that your junior and senior years are the best representation of you as a student. We will accept test scores if you send them, but we don’t think a standardized test is an accurate representation of most students — that’s why we are test-optional and very proud to be so.

Another important factor are the ways you have been involved in your family, community, and life outside of high school. From athletics to family commitments, from part-time jobs to musicals — all of it matters. There isn’t one way to be an engaged citizen; we want to create a diverse community of Clarkies so we can learn from each other.

Through letters of recommendation, we learn who you are in the classroom and outside of it. When thinking about who you would like to ask for a letter of recommendation, we recommend that you choose an academic teacher who knows you best and can speak to your growth and strengths as a student.


Process Application Deadline Notification Release
Early Decision I November 15 Late December
Early Action November 15 Mid-January
Early Decision II January 15 Early February
Regular Decision January 15 Late March
Transfer – Fall Semester Start Rolling, February 1 – May 1 Rolling, within 4 weeks
Transfer – Spring Semester Start Rolling, September 1 – November 1 Rolling, within 4 weeks

Student talking with professor at library


Who Thrives at Clark?

“A curious student. A student who is willing to question their own beliefs, as well as everyone else’s.”

“Interested in learning and growing, understands that learning and growing are as much their responsibility as ours.”

“Not just someone who will study their books but someone who wants to engage in the community at large.”

The Waitlist

If you are offered a spot on the waitlist, it’s important that you respond “yes” to remaining on the list. As space opens (including any financial aid we might be able to award), we look at the students who have actively said they are still interested in Clark by responding to our offer. We are typically able to offer a handful of students on the waitlist a spot in the first-year class every fall. If you are on the waitlist and very interested in Clark, please send your admissions counselor an email so they can make sure you are on the active “still interested” list.

Contact Information

Undergraduate Admissions

Undergraduate Admissions Office
Office Hours
  • 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday – Friday

    Selected Saturdays in the Fall and Spring